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Presentation Topics:

Let's Get Serious About America.

America is still the greatest nation, but its reputation around the world, and its storied democracy are now badly tarnished. The speaker gives a candid rendition of the nation's strengths and weaknesses, and argues community, state, and national problems cannot be solved without a significant increase in citizen participation and oversight of government activity. He argues that our ancestors got it done, but today's citizens are seriously neglecting their responsibilities.

Democracy and the Ten Commandments

The speaker presents a compelling new interpretation of these ancient laws drawn from the best recent research in ancient history, language, Biblical studies, anthropology, law, political science, economics, and theology. The Ten Commandments applied to government at all levels and had as their purpose to limit executive power and sustain consensual, representative government.

The American President: Now An Elected Monarchy. 

This presentation summarizes material from the speaker's recent book The American Kings: Growth in Presidential Power from George Washington to Barack Obama. America since World War II has entered a phase of classic tyranny characterized by presidents usurping power from the legislative branch and concentrating it in the hands of the Executive Office of the President. Our long history suggests what can be done.

Religion and Health.

A discussion about reform of American culture from the point of view of Christianity's original focus on healing. How individuals and organizations like churches and businesses should promote wellness activities for their members and employees.

The Payday Loan Travesty.

A de-regulated banking industry has spawned one of the worst debt traps and poverty-promoting programs ever known to humankind. This presentation explains the current situation in Utah and across the nation, and shows not nearly enough is being done about it. The author issues a call to protest .