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About Robert Kimball Shinkoskey

Robert Kimball Shinkoskey:

Kimball is an award winning citizen editorial writer for Utah, west coast, and national newspapers. As a long time state government worker and student of the American presidency, he speaks out boldly about the need for citizen participation, a renewed democracy, and constitutional limits on absolute power. Kimball's most recent book is a scholarly interpretation of the scope of the Ten Commandments, showing how those laws applied to government as well as citizens in ancient Israel. They match provisions found in the U.S. Constitution. and can help forge a path out of the wilderness of today's culture and authoritarian politics.

Let's Get Serious is the brand for a series of lectures promoting a renewal of democracy in Utah communities. The speaker's general approach to increasing citizen participation is three fold. First, people must distance themselves from unhealthy past times and consumption patterns. In brief, they must Get Well. Then, they will have time, energy, and resources to devote to learning both history and current affairs. In this phase, they Get Knowledge. Finally, since knowledge is power, citizens can then express their opinions and effectively participate in action in service to the community.